Lakaffa International, an international restaurant group, was founded in 2004 and joined the tourism business class of stocks in 2015 as a globally renowned restaurant group listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange at NT$110 per share (stock code: 2732).

Established in 2004, Lakaffa International is committed to the operation and promotion of the food and beverage service industry. Through the strategic layout and innovation of multi-brand professional system, Lakaffa International has successfully operated more than 9 food and beverage brands across a wide range of genres, including hand-rocked tea and beverages, bakery and confectionery, English light meals, traditional snacks and ices, Japanese pork chops, beef noodle, deep-fried steak, and Japanese dumplings, etc. The global brand outlets are located in six continents and over 60 countries and regions. With global brand outlets in over 60 countries and six continents, the Group has become one of the most extensive international restaurant groups, and is a role model in the restaurant chain industry.

Taiwan Brand Global Value

La Kaffa puts a lot of efforts in Taiwan for many years, and exports Taiwanese brands to the world. With the ultimate goal of ‘‘International Brand Platform”, La Kaffa advocates for promoting eastern cuisines to the world. With honesty, quality, innovation, excellence, and sharing as core value of business development, and quality as its principles, La Kaffa aims to satisfy customers’ taste, optimize the services, and provide global customers’ full satisfaction.

Lakaffa International’s expansion into the international market never stops. In addition to continuing to look for like-minded partners in countries and regions around the world, and quickly authorizing regional brand agents to set up stores, Lakaffa International also continues to innovate its brands and strive to represent new brands, in order to expand the number and types of brands under the Group’s food and beverage brands, and to move towards the largest Chinese world-class composite food and beverage group.

Lakaffa International Co.