Welfare System

  • [Remuneration System]
    Competitive Salary, Overseas Job Opportunities, Internal Employee Entrepreneurship, Year-end Bonus, Employee Stock Option Certificates, Target Achievement Bonus, Referral Bonus, Occasional Incentive Bonus Incentives
  • [Leave System]
    Marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave, physiological leave, etc., store scheduling system (9 days off (or more) per month), and two-day weekly rest system in the head office.
  • [Employee Insurance]
    Labor and health insurance, accidental medical insurance and pension contributions.
  • [Welfare System]
    Birthday gifts, employee shopping discounts, employee uniforms, special stores, corporate childcare, nursing rooms, pregnancy-friendly work environment, health checkups, weddings, funerals, hospitalization consolations, self-service employee cafeteria, maternity, travel, and departmental dinners, and other subsidies.
  • [Training Planning]
    We offer a wide range of education and training according to job level, and have a smooth promotion pipeline.
  • [Leisure Activities]
    Year-end tailgate, festival carnival, staff family day and occasional domestic and overseas travel activities, group/individual competition incentives, potluck fund (monthly according to the operating conditions of the allocation of bonus incentives to encourage the whole store to have a happy meal).

Learning and Growing

[Quality Learning Environment]

Pre-employment training-corporate culture, occupational safety and health, and basic workstation training. Professional training - advanced workstation, group business, professional skills, customer service, trainer training. Management (advanced) training - internal and external training courses on management of material inlet and outlet management, personnel management, cash management, operational and financial management, and business district management, etc., as well as the planning of personal learning maps for partners. Encourage partners to obtain relevant certificates and on-the-job training and provide incentives. / Individual competition award activities, potluck fund (monthly according to the operating conditions to allocate bonus to encourage the whole store to have a happy meal).