Our company values its employees. In addition to protecting their basic rights in accordance with labor laws and regulations, we have set up a fair and transparent promotion and bonus mechanism, as well as education and training programs, in order to continually strengthen our employees’ functions and enthusiasm for their work. We also take care of the well-being and physical and mental health of our employees, and strive to create a vibrant and happy workplace by organizing a variety of benefits and activities in order to enable our employees to strike a balance between their careers and their lives. We also handle employee retirement matters in accordance with the Labor Standards Law and the Labor Pension Act.

I. Staff welfare measures

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, an Employee Welfare Committee has been established to implement various welfare measures, such as travel, annual festival gifts, celebratory events, etc., as well as applications for welfare subsidies, such as wedding, funeral, and maternity subsidies, and welfare measures, such as education and training for employees, community activities, and employee bonuses. In addition, we also provide employees with group insurance and travel insurance to provide them with a higher level of protection.

II. Further Education and Training

Arranging training courses and assessments in accordance with the company’s human resources plan to develop job skills and management functions.

  1. Restaurant colleagues: In accordance with the company’s training program, we arrange for employees to be trained and assessed according to their work content, in order to enhance their skills and ensure the provision of the most complete service to our customers.
  2. Headquarter: Implement internal and external training programs according to job requirements.
III. Staff Retirement System

In order to take care of the retirement life of our employees, promote labor relations and enhance work efficiency, the Company has followed the Labor Pension Act and contributes 6% of the insured salary to the employees’ individual accounts at the Bureau of Labor Insurance every month. The payment of the employee’s pension is based on the employees’ individual pension accounts and the amount of accumulated earnings in the form of a monthly pension or a lump-sum pension, so that the employees will be able to enjoy various social welfare benefits after their retirement.

The Company applies the following provisions under the Labor Pension Act:

1. An employee may retire on his/her own initiative under one of the following circumstances: (Article 53 of the Labor Standards Law)

(1) Those who have worked for more than fifteen years and have reached the age of fifty-five.

(2) Those who have worked for more than twenty-five years.

(3) Those who have worked for more than ten years and have reached the age of sixty.

2. The company shall not force a laborer to retire unless the laborer has one of the following circumstances: (Article 54 of the Labor Standards Law)

(1) A person who has reached the age of sixty-five.

(2) Physically or mentally challenged workers.

The age stipulated in the first paragraph of the preceding item may be adjusted for workers with special characteristics, such as danger or strong physical strength, by the business unit reporting to the central competent authority. However, the age shall not be less than 55 years old.

IV. Employer-employee agreements and measures to protect employees’ rights and interests.

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, both parties follow the employment contract, work rules and various management regulations, which stipulate the rights and obligations of employees and welfare items to protect the rights and interests of employees.