Stakeholder Communication

With reference to the latest GRI Guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Company conducts a stakeholder and materiality identification process to analyze issues that have a significant impact on the Company’s operations, business relationships, and sustainable development. Through regular and occasional two-way communication with stakeholders through a variety of channels, Luk Kok understands and effectively responds to issues of concern to stakeholders.

StakeholdersSignificance of Stakeholders to the CompanyCommunication linesFrequency
Consumers (Customers)Lakaffa International aims to be a respected leader in innovative food and beverage brands, following the principle of putting the customer first, taking quality as the basic criterion of operation, satisfying customers’ taste buds and continuously optimising service improvement to provide 100% satisfaction to consumers around the world.Customer Service HotlineReal-time
Customer service mailboxReal-time
Customer Satisfaction Surveyunscheduled
Clients/Business PartnersBuilding mutually beneficial value chains with our business partners is one of the key elements of our corporate development strategy. By strengthening our partnership, we are able to create innovative and mutually beneficial business models to enhance our sustainable competitiveness.Internal mailbox, websiteReal-time
Vendor Auditquarterly
Government (competent authority)All of our products and marketing practices must be certified by the competent authorities. The Health Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Labor Bureau, and Health Insurance Bureau are the competent authorities that we regularly contact or consult with.MailReal-time
In PersonOnce a month
MediaThe media serves as a bridge between the company and its stakeholders. The media’s smooth and timely access to the company’s press releases helps stakeholders to obtain accurate information about the company in public and continues to strengthen the company’s image.Inside, there is a dedicated public relations window and outside, there is an industrial public relations firm.Real-time
Dharma Talksevery month
Board of Directorsquarterly
Press Conferenceunscheduled
Shareholders and other investorsThe shareholders of the Company’s capital contribution (including potential) should have fair access to the Company’s material information so that the Company’s real market value can be presented in a sustainable manner.In-house IR window and external financial media public relations firms.Real-time
Shareholders’ LineReal-time
Board of Directorsquarterly
Dharma Talksevery month
Executive Seminarunscheduled
SupplierSuppliers and Lakaffa International build a mutually beneficial value chain to strengthen a balanced Environmental, Governance and Social (ESG) partnership and work together to enhance sustainable competitiveness.Provider Audit, On-site Counseling Auditunscheduled
Staff and Other WorkersEmployees are the backbone of sustainable management. Cultivating our employees with our business philosophy and corporate vision, and providing them with a favorable workplace environment, will be the driving force for our sustainable growth.Internal mailboxunscheduled
Labor-Management Conferencequarterly
Electronic Bulletin Boardunscheduled