Occupational safety and health is a corporate responsibility that is closely related to the quality of the company’s operations and the rights of its employees. Our company has set up specialized positions for management and implementation, and has arranged for specialized personnel to participate in occupational safety and health training to enhance their ability to identify hazards and assess risks. We hope that the concept of occupational safety and health can be deeply rooted in the working consciousness of every employee from top to bottom.

Occupational Safety and Health Training Program Statistics
Name of Training ProgramNumber of TraineesTraining fees (NT$)
Occupational Health and Safety Administrator112,000
Type A Occupational Health and Safety Supervisor18,000
Occupational Health and Safety Supervisor (C)15,000
1. Includes employees and non-employees whose work and/or workplace is controlled by the organization.
2. Workers who are not employees but whose work and/or workplace is controlled by the organization, e.g., security, professional consultants.
3. Occupational safety and health related education and training here includes general training or training for specific occupational hazards and dangerous conditions.